16 May 2016

 I have been fortunate and have recently had two safaris with Adam Barnard from Spitskop Safaris. On the first trip I was the observer while my son was the hunter. The hunt was flawless and my son was able to take many very impressive trophies. On my second safari my main target was white rhino to finish my big five. The hunt was exciting to say the least and I was able to take a good old bull. And after the rhino, we set off on a journey to the four corners of Africa in a wild and successful search for Grysbok and Livingstone Suni. In our quest for each animal Adam knew the areas to go to and had contacts in each area to take care of us and provide good areas to hunt. We were 100% on the animals we were after. Some would say it was good luck, I would say it was knowledge and careful planning on the part of Spitskop Safaris. Adam is an honest and trustworthy professional with intense attention to detail. You will find that things on your safari will be exactly as he tells you and I can not wait for my next chance to hunt with him.  

Jim Tolson, Jr.

DSC Past President