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01 May – 08 May 2017

Scott & Coreena Johnson from Price,Utah had a great safari with us taking some awesome trophies,definitely some of the greatest people out there.They also brought their grandson Ty Johnson with them on his first hunt ever and Ty also took some beautiful trophies including a very nice Black Impala making him the first ever teenager in the world to hunt a Black Impala.


13 January 2017

Congratulations Mr. Brian Bailey on hunting this magnificent old Sitatunga bull with your crossbow,it is always fun hunting with you and your family


5-8 January 2017

We at Spitskop Safaris would like to thank Dallas Safari Club for hosting another great and successful show and also a big thank you to all our clients and friends for their loyal support and to all the new clients that booked with us we are looking forward to having you in Africa and we will make sure that we exceed your greatest expectations.


16-27 September 2016

Some highlights of a great safari with Spanish clients and friends: Manuel Bustos, Fernando Beltran, Antonio Sanchez & Jose Maria Aranda.


12-29 August 2016

Mr. Robert Mark Kielwasser from Dallas, Texas, with great trophies taken with us at Spitskop Safaris during his safari in 2016, some of the highlights of his safari was a massive White Rhino Bull that completed his Big 5, Dangerous 7 and all huntable species in South Africa. He also hunted a record breaking Audad (Barbary Sheep), which will be measured by a Master Measurer soon to discover how high up in the record books it will be, if not a new World Record.


23-30 July 2016

The Bailey family from New Mexico, USA had a great safari here at Spitskop Safaris South Africa taking some huge trophies during there time here which included a 47” Gemsbuck Cow, 40” Gemsbuck Bull, 30” Blue Wildebeest Bull, 33” Waterbuck Bull, 2 30” + Waterbuck Bulls and a very nice Klipspringer,well done to all of them and see you soon in Africa again.


26 April 2016–5 May 2016

Mr. Jim Tolson Jr.(Past President of DSC) hunted all these magnificent trophies on his safari with us which included Cape Grysbok, Sharpe’s Grysbok, Suni, Black Impala and also a great White Rhino Bull to complete his Big 5, not too many hunters all over the world can say that they did all of this in one safari, well done sir and see you again soon.


11–27 April 2016

A very happy Spanish client with some of his great trophies taken on his second safari in Africa and also hunting the King of Kings to tick of his list the African Lion as his 3rd Big 5 animal,well done Antonio Funes Corpas.

17–20 March 2016

Spitskop Safaris Team just want to thank all our clients, friends and future clients for visiting us at our booth at Cinigetica 2016 in Madrid and making it again another successful hunting show, see all of you in Africa soon.

14 January 2016   12 January 2016
Adam Barnard(Outfitter of Spitskop Safaris) shot his first Texas White Tail Deer close to Brownwood,Texas with Texas Speciality Hunts.   Adam Barnard(Outfitter of Spitskop Safaris) hunted this great Indian Blackbuck in Texas with Travis Wier of Texas Speciality Hunts after the 2016 DSC show
07 January 2016

We just want to thank all DSC for another successful show and also we want to thank all the clients that visited our booth and we are looking forward to seeing you in Africa soon.


27 October 2015


23 October 2015

Juan Martinez Giminez took this big Cheetah male close to the Bonswana border on his last day of Safari with us in Namibia.

  Great Leopard hunted by Spanish Client Juan Martinez Giminez in the Khomas Highlands area in Namibia.

24 October 2015

Big Warthog hunted by Juan in Khomas Highlands area while we were driving back to camp,in these mountains you always get surprised by “MONSTERS” living there.


3 August 2015

Very happy Sainero Family safari where the children took 35 trophies in 8 days with PH Hannes Basson and PH Heinz Krause.



23 July 2015

This big 37” Cape Eland bull is just one of 15 great trophies hunted by Francisco Martinez on a 7 day plainsgame safari with us.


22 July 2015

Old but long Tsessebe bull hunted by Mychal Murray during a long day of tracking.


21 July 2015

Mychal Murray from Houston hunted this massive Cape Eland bull on his 12th African safari,a specimen that has evaded him on 3 of his previous safaris,well done Mychal!


20 July 2015

Big 28” Nyala bull hunted by Francisco Martinez from Murcia,Spain


19 July 2015

A very good Roan bull taken by Mychal Murray on his safari with us that he bought on the 2015 DSC Auction.


11 June 2015

A great Klipspringer Paco Garcia hunted after 3 days of hard hunting in the Swartberg Mountains of South Africa.


10 June 2015

Very happy Paco Garcia with a fine Cape Grysbok he shot in the early morning during day time.


8 June 2015

A very good 40” Buffalo bull taken by Francisco Garcia from Murcia,Spain on his 3rd African safari with us,Paco is busy his quest to finish his big 5 with Spitskop Safaris.




We Joined Forces!

Adam Barnard, 14 July 2015

“Spitskop Safaris and Texas Speciality Hunts teams team up to build a company that makes dreams a reality in Africa as well as in Texas,book your dream safari with us as soon as possible,you will never regret something that you have dreamt about all your life. See you soon!!!!